Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
Maureen Pogorzelski
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Last Updated: September 23, 2016
Lyricc Cavaliers is  located in Central Wisconsin.  We show our dogs as a hobby and breed
litters occasionally.  The only reason we even consider breeding is to keep something for
ourselves to show. What we keep must be an improvement on the previous generation.   We
follow a strict code of ethics in our breeding program which places a special emphasis on
breeding for health, temperament and type. As much as we love and trust our vets, our dogs
see Board Certified Specialists for hearts and eyes.  
We are proud to announce that in February 2011 we were recognized by the American Kennel
Club as a Breeder of Merit.
Not every puppy in a litter will be a show prospect.  Those puppies not destined for the show
ring are placed in pet homes.  At times we have older puppies or young adults that as they
matured, it has become evident that they should be placed in pet homes.  We are not a
commercial breeder that merely produces litters to have puppies to sell. We plan our litters
around the health and welfare of the dogs. We are always willing to help with breed
information and can refer you to other reputable breeders.
As members of our family, all of our dogs share not only our hearts, but our home (including
couches, chairs, beds and most importantly....our laps!)
For health information, please visit the American Cavalier King Charles
Spaniel Club website at

I am pleased to announce that in addition to being an American Kennel Club Canine Good
Citizen Evaluator, I recently became a pet evaluator for Therapy Pets Unlimited.  If you and
your pet would like to know more about the organization and how to volunteer, or have a
facility that would like to receive visits, please go to
Therapy Pets Unlimited